Saturday, March 23, 2013

What snacks I brought on our little Spring Break getaway

We just got back from a 2-day trip to Kansas City and had SO much fun!

We went to a Science museum

Checked out Union Station, a millennium-old train station

Went to a cool attraction by Hallmark, the company which was started in Kansas City

Went to the zoo on a snowy day

And enjoyed some yummy breakfast
(I know pancakes weren't the most healthy option but we don't completely deprive our kiddos!)

The day we left, I was busy in the kitchen whipping up some snacks for the road and to snack on as lunch or breakfast while we were there to save money on eating out.  Instead of buying a bunch of packaged snacks from the store, I decided to homemake all of our snacks.

Here is what I made:

  • Homemade PB cookie Lara Bars
  • Maple breakfast cookies (without pecans because I didn't have them on hand)
  • Banana muffins (made with ww pastry flour, sub almond milk for yogurt, 1/2 c oil instead of 1/3, and made into muffins cooking for 12-13 minutes)
  • Cinnamon protein bars (made without chocolate chips and protein powder because I didn't have them)  Still yummy though!  Mike said they were more of a PB bar now, but they still had plenty of protein with the PB!
  • I would usually make some homemade trail mix too (honey oat bran sticks, raw almonds, raw sunflower seeds, and dried cranberries or raisins) but I didn't make it to whole foods to get all my ingredients from the bulk section.  All my kids love the trail mix and I pre-portion them out into little containers for an easy snack.  
We were able to skip lunch our first day and breakfast our 2nd day in KC and just snack on the stuff I made.  

With a little planning, you can save a ton of money and make your road trip a little more relaxing by making some snacks beforehand.