Saturday, January 25, 2014

98 Days to my First Marathon: Week One

Here is my schedule for January:

Day 1:  Sunday - my neck is hurting but I have a 3 mile interval on the agenda for the day.  I am researching marathon nutrition as I feel that will be the key to my success.
3 mile interval COMPLETE:  5 min warm up (3 min fast walk and 2 min stretch), 1 min all-out sprint (7-8 min mile) 1 min walk, 3 min steady run (9-10 min mile); repeat 5 times.  I felt pretty good except for my neck which was very tense.  Hopefully this gets better ASAP.

Day 2:  Monday - my neck is still very tense.  And Christian is sick, coughing and congestion, so I can't take the kids to the gym for hot yoga or hip hop tonight.  I didn't get any workout in today but I did spend hours outside with the kids so I was very active.

Day 3:  Tuesday - My neck is still sore but I made it to barre today.  It felt great to get back in the gym and the kids are starting to feel better!

Day 4: Wednesday - Went to the chiropractor this morning and it is a muscle that is inflamed and pushing on a nerve in my neck/shoulder.  I feel looser already!  I even went to hot yoga today at noon.  I need to get some more runs in, though!

Day 5:  Thursday- Supposed to be a rest day after my Wednesday run.  But since I didn't get my run in on Wednesday, I did 4 miles on the treadmill today.  My neck didn't hurt much at all and I did it at 10 min 40 second pace!  It took longer than that though, since the kids like to ask me for things while I'm on the treadmill.

Day 6:  Friday - Went to chiropractor again today and my neck is gradually feeling better.  Been icing it every night too.  I got my 3 miles in on the treadmill today.  I felt slow today and tired.  So I'm taking Saturday off as a rest day.

Day 7: Saturday - Rest Day!  Need to get 5 miles in tomorrow so I need to be strong for that.  It's supposed to be 60 something tomorrow so I'm hoping to get my run in outside!

Nutrition:  I have been drinking a green smoothie every morning for breakfast and veggies/quinoa for lunch.  Dinner has been a little off and I need to quit snacking at night.  I don't sleep as good and I can't wake up refreshed.  I reserved a couple books at the library on marathon nutrition so I'm picking those up and hopefully get a nutrition plan for the next couple months.